The Power of Belief

Who out here gets in their own way?


Who out here knows what to do and how to do it – yet feels too tired or like the idea is too far out there to even reach?


I just finished listening to a positive audio from a leader in my side business.  Hel-LO wake-up call!

This woman, a multi-million dollar business owner gave a list of things I should do to raise my game.  As I listened to her (her name is Debbie Neal – on Sound Cloud), the advice she gave were not just relevant to my side gig – they are relevant to EVERYTHING we do in life.

I wanted to share a couple, as it’s embarrassing talking to yourself out loud in an apartment (well, I have cats).

  1. People want to be inspired and it can’t be faked.

As I stood making dinner, that resonated with me.  If you want to be a leader, you need to inspire people – cause that’s life, right?  I do believe we want to be better people – internally and externally.  Whether you work in the corporate world or own your own business – or you’re a parent.  To lead from the front means you need to be inspiring.  You need to be vulnerable and talk about your failures.  You need to SHOW you CAN overcome – and HOW you overcame.

  1. Inspiration is YOURS.  You create inspiration.  You deliver it.  Your inspiration creates the vision of your life.

Well, that’s kind of “duh”! Right?!  I mean, if you want to inspire people (#1) – you have to work your way through life.  As I sit typing these words, though, I think to myself – inspiration is MINE.  I decide what goal I want to achieve and then make the commitment to do it.  The “secret sauce” is – you have to be disciplined to overcome all the obstacles.

Right?!  To put that last sentence differently, you MUST overcome yourself!  That could be negative self-talk, comparison to others, expecting to be at your destination overnight, dirty diapers, tired, depression, family issues…We MUST beat back every negative thought, action, interruption.  Which leads me to my final takeaway.

  1. Create positive interruption.

So, your project didn’t go as planned.  You didn’t get the raise you were expecting at work.  Your friends didn’t follow through on plans.  Your cat yakked all over the carpeting (yes, this happens).  Your kid is sick.  Your co-worker is complaining about work and the culture there.

Here’s the thing.  And it’s a THING.  None of above matters.  What matters is what we do in these circumstances.  Do you create a pity party and invite everyone when your project doesn’t go as planned forever?  OR – do you give yourself 5 minutes of a pity party that only YOU participate in and then do it again.  Do you have Ariana Grande’s mentality, “thank u, NEXT!” when you didn’t get that raise or you keep getting “no, not today” from people?  Do you do it ANYWAY when your friends, your partners in crime flake on you? Do you interrupt that complaining co-worker with, “yeah, I don’t agree” OR (like me) just put those ear buds in and turn up the music because “mama ain’t got time for this!”?

There were many other nuggets of wisdom from Debbie as she went along in her 48-minute training call.  Discipline.  Create your own energy.  All of that.  Yep. Yep, Debbie, I’ve got that.  You’re right.  I need to inspire myself – so that others may also be inspired.  I also need to become MORE consistent about creating my own positive interruptions – because I’m the CAPTAIN of my own ship.

But most of all, I need to clear through ALL THE EXCUSES and do it.

Ok.  So….?

I also need to WATCH my thoughts and be mindful of the place I’m at today.  This minute.  This second.

Inspiration and interruption don’t just happen.  These things are taught.  Life.  Experiences.  I need to know that I WILL FAIL at times.  It’s being aware of the actions that led me to the failure.  It’s being aware that I can choose to pity party or I can choose to rise.  It’s knowledge that failure is just a blip – it doesn’t speak to my journey, UNLESS I MAKE IT THAT WAY.

This is also about believing.  Believing in my vision.  Believing in myself.  Loving myself enough to keep trying every different way from Sunday to achieve my goals.  Are my goals in line with my vision?  Have I surrounded myself with successful people who were where I am NOW so that I may be encouraged to press forward.

I am reminded about a scripture in Romans where the Apostle Paul speaks to the Romans about pressing on to their goal.  Becoming the Christians, they were destined to become – and that failure is a part of the journey.

So, I have to ask myself.  Is my vision big enough?  Do I believe in myself enough to overcome?  Will I be mindful enough to not allow a momentary blip of failure to override my vision of being the BEST I can be?


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